Your comments

Yes, that's may be true indeed.

Your 2 forums are currently named "General" and "Russian", maybe they would be even more clear on that language possibility with "English" and "Russian": this way a user writing in another language would clearly miss something ;-)

Nevertheless the idea to have to possibility to choose and test any language for the interface would be visibly useful in cases like the initial author (another solution could be a "showroom" userecho forum, only created to enable all languages without any content, but not sure users would find it... and not sure it would be as useful as a genuine userecho forum for a possible customer to make an idea of the localized service).


This question make me think that may take benefit of allowing all languages (and not only EN/RU) for the user interface:

=> this would show the "decorations" of a userecho web site for any new user and have an idea of what would be possible for a community in his language?

Any conclusion?

Considering that this variability in forcing uppercase still occurs regularly:

  • most time the username is displayed with first letter corrected to uppercase
  • but for instance, in notifications e-mails this is never the case (in the text "post by xxx")

=> I guess the most "simple" and "user friendly" would be to keep the name as entered by the user, with no change at display time

(one more reason is that sometimes users in forum choose "aesthetic" uppercase for their pseudo).

Best regards.

I don't know if the new editor is in production.

But I wanted to tell that, strangely, there is a workaround to avoid the bug in Safari (macOS):

  1. you click on "Insert link" as explained in the first message => you get the bug (an empty field)
  2. you redo the same action => the second time the field contains the needed text

Really strange, but perfectly reproducile!

Yes, that was clear:

that's why I suggested that you, as admin of UserEcho (main support site), could allow this voting for closed topics on your own site ;-)


Using to option to let the vote possibility open for UserEcho topics (main support site) could then be interesting:

sometimes topics as closed as "Answered" (therefore closing the votes) but maybe future community users would vote for this suggestion and make it popular, in spite of the first answer?

Since, most times, when you pin a comment, you would also mark it as answer, it may be reasonable to merge the two actions into one click (= "Pin" + "Mark as an answer") to save tilme.

But, to be acceptable, for the few cases where you do not want it as an answer, then "Unmark as an answer" should be available:

I hope this behaves like this...


Very nice trick :-)

Is there a way to customize this customization to have different texts that (automatically) follow the current language of the user?