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Ah OK, didn't knew that!

Thank you for the explanation.


Recent updates to improve existing translations lead to the same strange effect:

- orange counter says "0 needs review"

- but two modifications are nevertheless in orange status (does it mean "needs review"?)

Do you understand why?

Thanks for fixing this second problem too.

Nevertheless, and surprisingly, it's not 100% fixed ;-)

The "bug" remains visible in only one case now:

  • if you select the first dot of the graph (the one completely at the left side) => you still have details for more values, in fact for all the following values and not only the selected date of the point
  • for any other following point, the details are perfectly fixed.

Many thanks, now results are displayed!

Nevertheless, something is weird:

=> when you click on a point to see detailed info (of a certain date) it seems that you get *more* info than only for this date (it seems that a few following dats are including).

For instance, when you click on

  • votes for august 22, 2017 (displaying a number N of votes) => the detailed info show more than N lines. But, you can see the associated date and thus the reader is able to ignore the extra lines
  • comments for this same date (displaying a number C of comments) => same idea, you get more than C lines but you have the associated date to ignore the following dats

But it's all the more annoying for other counts like visits or pagesviews: since you also detail far more lines than the ploted value... but there is no precise timestamp of date, so the reader can't filter and ignore extra lines to focus on the ones really detailing the clicked point.

Am I missing something?

OK, I see your last action managed to validate a bit more to get 100%

There remain now only 3 strings with "Orange arrow" status (representing my corrections):

Hope you'll find.


OK, I understand from your explanation that there is a difference between the orange counter named "Needs review" (Upper right) and the number of strings with the orange arrow icon.

But what do you mean by "Translated" section (you just mean that such strings count as translated?)

Then, remains my last question: how to get validated those strings (with orange arrow icons), that most of them are corrections of my own previous translations but that I corrected?

Hello Norman,

Otherwise, is there a smart solution to enable users [...] or be reminded if wanted without voting for it?

If you're speaking hear of a solution for a user to enable the remind notifications without introducing any vote, there is a solution :

=> the button "Follow" just next to the first post is there for this purpose (it becomes a green "Following" if the user click it).


1) Thanks for adding these translation. By the way, I don't know where does the translation of "Caption" into "Légende2" is defined... But the digit '2' at the end should be removed :-)

2) About image resize: oh yes, I did not realize there was an anchor at bottom right corner only, to change the size.

Yes it works... The text field showing current size values of an image was also useful when you wanted fine tuning of identical size between several images. Maybe both possibilities would be welcome?

Nevertheless, it works, that's what is important.


Yes, that's may be true indeed.

Your 2 forums are currently named "General" and "Russian", maybe they would be even more clear on that language possibility with "English" and "Russian": this way a user writing in another language would clearly miss something ;-)

Nevertheless the idea to have to possibility to choose and test any language for the interface would be visibly useful in cases like the initial author (another solution could be a "showroom" userecho forum, only created to enable all languages without any content, but not sure users would find it... and not sure it would be as useful as a genuine userecho forum for a possible customer to make an idea of the localized service).


This question make me think that may take benefit of allowing all languages (and not only EN/RU) for the user interface:

=> this would show the "decorations" of a userecho web site for any new user and have an idea of what would be possible for a community in his language?