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How about forcing pre-moderation for posts or comments that have links in them?
P.S. another one:
Several times I found myself in the following situation:
  1. I get a new bug request or a suggestion, which sounds familiar.
  2. I want to check whether it was already reported. I know that if it was, it's not marked as closed.
  3. I use the search interface as on the screenshot above, and lots of items are marked as closed. Then I'm thinking, "I wish I could filter those".
If you need this search for your staff you are able to do it from your operator's interface.
Search for my staff? Did you mean stuff? I didn't find this option, how can I search for topics from the admin panel?
So it's Ctrl+Shift+Z, good to know. But why not support Ctrl+Y as well, which is what most users expect?
That's OK, and that's handy because most of the time that's what you want. But sometimes you e.g. just want to ask a question, and don't want to mark the topic as UNDER REVIEW. I think there should be an option to not change the status, like there was before - a NONE option.
And it happened once again. Any thoughts on this?
Shouldn't be too difficult, just check whether the user is logged in, and disable the feature for anonymous users.

Thanks, I see it now. It's not perfect, as a comment with the text "AWAITING MODERATION" will be matched as well. The title way was a more reliable option.
The perfect solution for this will be to just provide an option to disable sending comments matched by the spam filter.