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New featureBlock users right from mini-profile.

Now support agents are able to block users right from user's mini-profile.

ImprovementBlocked users votes do not count in the topic votes anymore.

We do not count votes from blocked users. If you see somebody created duplicate or illegal account, just block the user and his votes will not be counted.

Changes: Custom field values representation has been changed.

We've added some class name to custom field representation for better customization via CustomScript. If you use any customization via CustomScript for custom fields representation please check your Custom Script works properly with new markup.

New markup:

<div class="custom-field custom-field-[type] [code_name]">
    <div class="custom-field-name">...</div> 
    <div class="custom-field-value">...</div> </div>


Мы испправиди баг с разметкой. Теперь если текст не влезает, он будет переноситься на новую строку. Мы не хотим менять формат, так как он единый для всех типов полей.

Но, если Вы хотите, Вы можете использовать CustomScript для изменения отображения кастом поля типа ссылка. Вот пример кода, далее Вы можете его сами изменить под свои нужды.

      $(this).find('.custom-field-value a').text($(this).find('.custom-field-name').text().slice(0,-1));

P.S.: Вы хотите использовать кастом поле для того, чтобы добавлять вручную линк на профиль пользователя в Вашей системе. Вы испольузете SSO, поэтому если Вы можете по SSO GUID вытаскивать пользователя на Вашей стороне, Вам не нужно кастом поле и ручная работа. Можно добавить скриптом линк и все. Кто-то от Вас писал по этому вопросу, но переписка затихла. Напишите в приват, мы Вам поможем.


It is not possible to see the list of all HD requests in the public interface, because support agents should work from agent interface.

But, it is still possible if you have a direct link to the request (from email) or if user open list of his requests in the user's profile.

Support agents should work from agent interface, because it does have specific features for agents,

Hello Norman,

By default, users get their votes back when topic is closed. You can define which statuses equals to closed topics.

Do you need something else or this functionality is enough for you. Would you like to return votes earlier that request resolved?


We've added integration with Microsoft Teams.

The instruction is available here

Find out more details in our Blog and our Changelog.

New feature: Microsoft Teams integration.

We have added new integrations with "Microsoft teams". "Microsoft Teams" is the chat-based workspace in Office 365 that integrates all the people, content, and tools your team needs to be more engaged and effective.

Find out more details here

New featureSSO via WordPress (WordPress plugin).

We've improved our WordPress plugin. Now you can easily login via your WordPress site.

Feel free to request new features for WordPress integration.


if you use forum search box we search in the forum plus in the KB that linked with the forum (in the forum settings).

if you use KB search box we search in the KB only.

We are able to add results from specific (common) KB to all your results if you need it. Provide us KB ID and we will add it to your project.

Improve: SAML debugging improved.

We've improved our SAML integration response when error was occupied. For now you will be able to see description of last error and a link to return back to the page to try again.

And, of course, feel free to contact us if you need any help during integration.