When I execute the service

https://{My Company}.userecho.com/api/v2/hooks.json?access_token={myToken}

it works

When I execute the service

https://{My Company}.userecho.com/api/v2/hooks/events.json?access_token={myToken}

I receive an error 500 with no explanation

When I create a hook for "topic.status_changed" as stated in the knowledge base http://feedback.userecho.com/topics/7887-webhooks/,

I receive a

"Unknown event name:topic.status_changed"

I want to trigger a hook when the actual topic's status changes. What do I do wrong?

Thanks a lot for your help


Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Answer Fixed

Hello Julien,

1. We've fixed v2/hooks/events.json. Try again and you will see the list of available events.

2. The event topic.status_changed is deprecated. We've corrected our article. Instead of this use comment.created and check if comment has topic_status information.

P.S.: You do not need to use API to create webhooks. Webhooks are available from your Project settings->Integrations->Website->Webhooks.

Thank you for your request.

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