Agent Interface - Wishlist Sort By - Category

Bryson Lewis 2 years ago in New features • updated 2 years ago 6

Would like the ability within the User Interface to Sort by Community forum "Category".


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Under review

Hello Bryson,

Do you talk about the same "Sort by Community forum Category" as in the topic's list in your community? If so, I think we can add it to the agent interface as well.

Yes. I'd like to be able to filter the one Community forum (Wishlist) by the Categories under it. Those Categories also happen to be how I compartmentalized my Knowledgebases. The Knowledgebases are setup by system or product offering.

Is there a way to allow me to define which Categories I can look at? similar to the "Source" functionality, where you can pick and choose one or more knowledgebases?

Yes, you can filter by almost any field.

You could create a filter:

1. In the "Filter" list select "Configure".
2. In the "Additional filters" list select "Category".
3. In the "Category" list select categories.
4. If you want to re-use this filter click "..." on the "Filter" list, then "Save as". Then you will see this filter in the "Filter" list.

Beautiful. Thanks.