Allow a user group access to a forum

Trevor Green 2 years ago in New features • updated by Vladimir Mullagaliyev (co-founder) 8 months ago 6

I have a use case where I would like to give a user group access to a private knowledge base. I could add each of them individually, but it would be far more efficient if I can give the user group access (and of course access would be granted/revoked to users who enter/leave that group).

I have a comparable situation, with the addition that it would be great to have access levels. I.e. one group can only view a particular forum, another can also create topics and vote. Is such functionality considered in the group functions?

For now we have users access list to a private forum. You are able to grand access to the forum by user's email or email's domain. The access gives permission to post topics as well (no separation for read/post).

You are able to get access to post some users and read to all other users if you will make the private forum accessible for read to all users.

We are able to extend this functionality to user groups soon if you need it. But, actually you will have to add users to the group which almost the same like provide access to the forum.

The other convenience option is provide access to the forum via SSO. if this case you will manage access on your site.

Thank you for the reply! The big difference between adding users to a forum and adding users to a group comes forward when there are multiple forums involved. Also, when extending authorization mechanics in the future, using group authorizations can prove to be very useful.

For example. For me it would be great if I could let certain groups of users (or those without a group) only have view access to a forum, but no posting or voting power. You could, for example, see this as a distinction between non paying and paying users.

It does make sense. We will try to enable access by groups soon. Then will check if it's possible to split access on "read only" and "full access".