Is there anyway to customise the 'Sign in' screen for a private forum?

Justin Roberts

Hi All, 

As the title says... I have a private forum which I am using internally within my company. The forum requires the user signs in before accessing. 

Currently, the page the user sees if they are not logged in is very deterring as it looks like an error page. This resulted in people not signing in. (see image below)

Is there any way to customise this page or you guys could add a more appealing UI so it looks as if you can sign-in. 

The login method and forum logo would be enough. 

Many thanks. 


Vladimir Mullagaliyev
    Answer Completed

Hello Justin,

You can customize the page in your Project settings -> Project -> Access denied page.

Richard Sawyer

Hi Vladimir,

I can't see this option. Can you give me a url?

:) Richard.

Sergey Stukov

Project settings -> Project -> Privacy

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