Details no longer working on the chart to see detailed info

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Concerning the "Agent interface", in section "Overview"

You can see a chart that plots curves of topics numbers, coments, votes, ...

There is a footnote telling "Click a point on the chart to see detailed info."

But now it does not give details any longer (whereas it worked correctly before).

Now, in any browsers I used, I get a infinitely rotating wheel at the place where the detailed info should appear.

Is there a solution?


Great. Many thanks!

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Hello Ryann,

The problem is fixed.

Thank you!


Many thanks, now results are displayed!

Nevertheless, something is weird:

=> when you click on a point to see detailed info (of a certain date) it seems that you get *more* info than only for this date (it seems that a few following dats are including).

For instance, when you click on

  • votes for august 22, 2017 (displaying a number N of votes) => the detailed info show more than N lines. But, you can see the associated date and thus the reader is able to ignore the extra lines
  • comments for this same date (displaying a number C of comments) => same idea, you get more than C lines but you have the associated date to ignore the following dats

But it's all the more annoying for other counts like visits or pagesviews: since you also detail far more lines than the ploted value... but there is no precise timestamp of date, so the reader can't filter and ignore extra lines to focus on the ones really detailing the clicked point.

Am I missing something?

Yes, Ryann, you are right.

Fixed this problem too.

Thanks for fixing this second problem too.

Nevertheless, and surprisingly, it's not 100% fixed ;-)

The "bug" remains visible in only one case now:

  • if you select the first dot of the graph (the one completely at the left side) => you still have details for more values, in fact for all the following values and not only the selected date of the point
  • for any other following point, the details are perfectly fixed.