From the homepage of a UserEcho site (for instance this http://feedback.userecho.com), you can design a link that send to the "Recently updated topics"... You can also insert a link to "Most voted topics", etc.

While it works perfectly, the target link shown in the user web browser is exactly the same URL (here for instance http://feedback.userecho.com/forums/1-general/topics/ with no difference whether is it configured to sort by popularity, by recent update, ...)

So this is annoying when you want to insert this link in another document (or e-mail) and be sure to obtain the right sorting result.

Is there any "hidden parameter" that we can add and make visible in a longer URL so as to force the desired sorting order when using this URL, for instance something like : http://feedback.userecho.com/forums/1-general/topics&sortBy=recent 

Best regards,

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Answer Answered

Hello Ryann,

Yes, we do have hidden parameters. Move mouse over the link "Recently updated topics", then open context menu and copy link address. You will see the link like


Hope it helps you to understand how to get the link you need.

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