Shaun Kranish

I am a current UserEcho user - love the software and the support.  I would like to open a new account or use my current account and add admin users to it - for a paid membership website offering information articles.  So I would like to use the Private forum feature, which I am familiar with and have already used.

Here's the kicker though - is it possible to allow public users (non-logged in, or logged-in but not yet granted access to private forum) the ability to see search results for private forum articles.  Then when they click on the search result, it takes them to the no-access page and entices them to join.  The powerful search is one of the features I really love about Userecho, so wondering if this could be slightly modified for my purpose.

This would be a killer way to setup an info/membership community and get new members to join in and support the work.  Let me know if we can do this.  Thanks!

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Answer Completed

Hello Shaun,

First of all, thank you for good feedback about UserEcho!

We do have some clients who use similar functionality for their Knowledge base. The have a private KB and a public one. Then they duplicate headers from their private KB in to the public one with the body something like "This article is available in a premium KB only".

Maybe it's not so easy to keep it up to date if you will have a lot of new topics in your forum. 

We can try to make a special configuration for your project whick will show the private forum in the result even if user has no access. Please register your project, post couple topics and create a Helpdesk request to us. We will try to help you.

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