Harry J.

I wanted to add a link back to my site next to the logo in the header. Is this something that is possible?

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Answer Completed


You can do it with Custom script.

Open you project settings -> Project -> Custom CSS/JS, then last tab "External JS/CSS".

Add this code:

initqueue.push(function() {
$('<a href="http://test.com">My website</a>').appendTo('.navbar-header');   

The you can add CSS style for the link as well.

Harry J.

It worked great, but I had to remove the ; right before the closing script tag - Thanks!


I think now the more complete code below:

$('<li><a href="http://yoursite.com"><i class="fa fa-globe"></i><span class="hidden-xs"> WEB site</span></a></li>').appendTo('.nav.navbar-nav');
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