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It's been over a year and I still can't login to my account normally.

I have more than 1 Google account, and since several years now, Google supports being logged-in with more than 1 account and OpenID screens such as those shown when logging in on a UserEcho site, display the multiple accounts available.

The problem is that for over 12 months now, when logging in to a user echo site, straight after that OpenID panel, I'm still logged-out.

The only way I can log in (and how I'm writing this post) is by opening up an Incognito window and logging in with a single Google account and then going to UserEcho.

Note that I'm not asking for UserEcho to support binding with multiple OpenID/Google accounts. Nor am I asking for the ability to switch between accounts.

I'm merely asking that you fix the bug in your OpenID handling with Google.

Whatever it is that Google sends back to UserEcho after picking the account from the login screen is being ignored and thus I stay logged out of UserEcho (that login screen is hosted by Google, so UserEcho shouldn't have to be aware if there being multiple google accounts).

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Answer Not a bug
Hello Te Mc,
As we told you before, we have no problem with Google's multi-accounts.
I have 3 accounts and always login with no problem.

Please check the video.

We don't know how help to you because we have no problem.
Please do the screencast with your problem.

And one note for you: do not click your account twice on the Google page. Just once and wait. It's the Google problem if you will click it twice. It is not our page, we can't change it.

Thank you.
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