Multilanguage. Could you add multi-language support?

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We just launched our new collaborative translation portal for UserEcho


Find out more details in our blogpost 


And feel free to participate!

Russian version will be available soon
Today we launched Russian version of UserEcho
Could you add german support?
At the moment we are planning to translate
1) feedback widget
2) site popup with top rated ideas
3) User interface, excluding admin interface

it would be great if you would help us to check and correct errors in German after we will make translation
Yes of course, I would like to help!
How do you think which word best matched for feedback tab

1) Rückmeldung
2) Feedback
3) Reaktion
Use "Feedback" its known word in germany

Yes and No! Feedback is used in German language anyway. But in a way of proper, professional translation, we should search the most fitting, common German expression first. We must not talk in an ideologic way, like the French calls the computer an "ordinateur" because they want to keep the French language clean. (By the way the German word is "Rechner".) We usually call it a Computer in Germany, too.

In the case of "Feedback" it is a little bit different, because UserEcho uses the word in every case of user reaction. In English thinking this might be o.k., but in German language we even love the small difference. So I would prefer the word "Beitrag" for any main-theme in a forum. This word means not only Feedback. The real sense contains a big portion of giving something gladly for free. As you see, this word has a lot more power than the easy "Feedback". Especially for the elder and the well educated people, too.


In most cases, without pre-fixing the word to any category, it is "Beitrag", in my opinion. Answering a "Beitrag" it is "Antwort". Adding a comment to a "Beitrag" or an "Antwort" it shoud be "Kommentar". But anyway, every comment is an answer, isn't it?

I think "Feedback" is the best word for the tab, everyone would know what it mean.
Tomorrow we upload DE version of site, it will be in alpha quality but you can start for checking it for grammatical errors.

Also we change default language of your project to German
How should I report grammatical errors?
I'm waiting for Brasilian Portuguese, ok.
What about spanish?
We can add it but neet somebody to spellcheck site
hi, could you send me a e-mail with the newest version of the .po file? i prevented for a long time, but now i'm here again to improve the german version.
Hello friend, we are glad to see you, now we improve our translation system
just register with http://translate.userecho.com and we grand you all needed rights to help us translate UserEcho to German

In confirmation email replace localhost:8080 with translate.userecho.com
I have translated all of the words/phrases, for a few I don't know a very good way to say in german, but I think it's okay. You can enable it.
Malte L. - we activated new DE translation, Thank you again for helping us with German version, also you can switch your account to Our Simp service plan it will be free for your project !
Oh, thanks a lot. I see here, that parts are still in english (especially the feedback-tab), although in the .po-file they are in german.

I've found a few mistakes and i corrected them at translate.userecho.com, you can upload the new version.
My site is in Dutch, if you can support the dutch language, that would be great!
We can add Dutch, translating site to it with Google translate API,but we need your help to report us about grammatical errors after translation.
Hi,it would be great in french. I can help if needed.
Maximilien, we prepare French po file and add it to our translation system
now you can register on http://translate.userecho.com then we grant you needed rights and you can help us with French version, also we can make all translations with google translate API and you check it
Malte L. - last DE version uploaded on site
I can help you guys by checking the dutch translation. Please let me know what I should do to help.
Dutch version Added
Now you can switch to Dutch using languages selector

Also you can change default language of your forums in project settings

Register at http://translate.userecho.com to help us by submitting report about translation errors
Restarted :) Some issues with Pootle translation system, hope hangs dissapears with new version upgrade
Dutch translation is kinda horrible and http://translate.userecho.com is down
http://translate.userecho.com is down :( , i found many mistakes in new buttons etc. in the german version...
it's up and running now, we upgrade it to more stable version and place under supervice monitoring scripts
hi, I would really love to help on Simplified Chinese translation. I am working for a US based software company in China and localization is part of my job. Please let me know how to contribute. leoshcn[at]gmail.com thanks.
а как проголосовать?
"Извините, страница, которую вы запросили, не существует. Может быть, вы перешли на удаленную странцу или набрали неправильную ссылку."
Где у Вас такое происходит? вроде проблем не наблюдается. Можно немного подробнее?
Добавьте украинский язык пожалуйста
Завели украинский в языках ожидающих перевода

Будем рады если примете участие в переводе.
Under review
Please vote for different languages here http://feedback.userecho.com/forum/1-general/?category=204


At this moment we already support multi-language on site.

UserEcho have full support for
   * English - http://userecho.com/?lang=en
   * Russian - http://userecho.com/?lang=ru
   * Spanish - http://userecho.com/?lang=es

   * German - http://translate.userecho.com/project/userecho/de

Also support but need to be checked for errors:
   * Dutch - http://translate.userecho.com/project/userecho/nl

Working on
   * Simplified chinese
   * Hungarian - http://translate.userecho.com/project/userecho/hu

If you need another language feel free to leave comment about it in this topic.

If you want contribute and help us with translations feel
free to participate

I would like to use it in Brazilian Portuguese.
Already tarted to translate it.
Will it be ready to use in portuguese, as soon as my translation is finished ?
Yes of course,
Also we provide you with special link.
Like beta Brazilian Portuguese version, to better understand context of translation.
what does it means translated but not yet approved.... at the translation ? Please send me the beta brazilian link.
Hello we compile first version with already translated sentences, look at the link below

Translation system supports, approving of sentences it's allow us to select most suitable translation if it suggest more that one translators
Could you translate it to portuguese? Would be great.
We have crows-sourced translation interface for new localisations.
Feel free to contribute translations here.

Brasilian-Portuguese: http://translate.userecho.com/project/userecho/pt-BR

 Czech language support would be great!


We just launched our new collaborative translation portal for UserEcho


Find out more details in our blogpost 


And feel free to participate!