UserEcho is a really great piece of software.

The use of CollabTrans to manage multilanguage translations is great.

But where is the right place for feedback about using this tool for UserEcho?

While there is a lot of activity here, is seems that there is no more answers on http://feedback.collabtrans.com ...

Is it better to open topics directly here on UserEcho multilanguage catagory?

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Answer Answered

Hi Ryann.

if you want to leave feedback about "CollabTrans" the right place is  http://feedback.collabtrans.com

If you have feedback about "UserEcho" and translation errors in our project - http://feedback.userecho.com



OK, then I encounter a strange behavior with some French translations of UserEcho. For (rare) strings, I can save & commit... But when I leave the file and come back, it is not saved & commited and the previous translation is still there... Sometimes with me as author, which is not even true ;-)






I noticed that is some cases the "right" translation I entered is mentioned in alternative translations, as "Imported. Vote for it". But I can't vote for it either!

And "1 hour ago" (with Plural alternative) can even not be edited since there is no input fields for those 2 particular strings!!!... 

Is there something in the UserEcho string files that make Collabtrans ignore the modifications? Of course examples are hard to find (since you must remember you had changed it before! But there is likely to exist more than those 3 examples).

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