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Jona 4 years ago in Usability & Interface • updated by Vladimir Mullagaliyev (co-founder) 3 years ago 4
I'm usually bothered that some users post their bugs on a forum post where they think it is related to their issue but as most of the time it turns out it is not.

It would be great if we had the option to move a reply as a new forum post. Doing this will notify the user that their reply has been converted into a new post. Moving a reply as a new post would provide us the change to give it a tittle and continue providing support for a reported issue as a completely new post. Of cource the user that originally was on the reply would continue to be notified of updated from the new forum post.



This Idea is completed. More information in our changelog here http://feedback.userecho.com/topic/436206-userecho-changelog/#comment-1881497

Under review
Good idea, some times we need it too.  
Will see what other users think about it.

Any potential progress on this? This is such an important feature that I keep running into! :)

I always have users posting new questions that they think are similar to a particular opened or closed post and I hate replying there for further support. I'm currently posting my self some occations their questions into a new post. This then looks odd that me the admin is asking a question.

Allow us to make a reply a new post. This conversion allows the original poster to own the post under their name. And just him will get notified when I reply to his post.

Hello Jona,

We have a few requests for this feature and for similar "New topic on behalf of user".

We know that both features are important and we will implement them soon (I hope the maximum period is 1 month).

Thank you for your message.