Create helpdesk tickets via email

JDB 8 years ago in New features • updated by Vladimir Mullagaliyev (co-founder) 4 years ago 20
It should be possible to send an email to project_name@userecho.com and that automatically creates a helpesk ticket.
It could also take some parameters from the email subject to determine the category.


Completed and available to all users now.
Find out more details by the link below.


Under review
Thanks for idea. We definitely add it. 
There are 2 different scenarios:

A. Customer directly sends an email to project_name@userecho.com -> Ticket created using From email.

B. Company replies to a customer email adding project_name@userecho.com -> Ticket created for the email in CC (if the sender is recognized as a project owner or admin)

So in real life example:
  1. John sends email to Company.
  2. Company replies adding company@userecho.com writing something like "I am creating a service ticket for you". Can also add to the subject [Categeory name].
  3. Ticket is created and user receives a "ticket created" email.
This would also satisfy the need of creating tickets on behalf of (which I think is not possible currently?)
I really need this feature too.  It's a big problem now for us where people are emailing us, and we have to follow a different process to respond, and we lose track quickly.
Vote+ for idea, than you will be informed about progress on it.
Nice, didn't know that feature existed.
Hi Sergey

How do you propose we deal with people who email us now?  Is there some way of somehow adding the email (even manually) to UserEcho?


Has any progress been made with this?  As this is the main thing stopping us from moving from our current helpdesk software...

I'm currently reviewing this software for my company - could I have an indication of if/when this may be implemented?
Hello, you are lucky, we currently on this feature in will be implemented in this month.
For us this the only showstopper for now. We have a custom support subdomain from a domain we own (support.ourowndomain.com) pointed at userecho for evaluation right now, works great, but need ticket generation via email too, preferably using the same support emaildres on our own domain (support@ourowndomain.com) the user send emails to. So even if we need to forward emails from our own emailaddress (no pop3/imap connection from userecho system) to e.g. tickets@projectname.userecho.com, we should be able to set the from/reply-to address to our own support emailadres (which would be a nice global setting too, or is it already possible?). BTW we then must add the userecho smtp server to our spf record.

Pointing to the last message from Sergey, it is implemented a month ago ;-)
Sure we already implemented it, it's in beta status now.
We activate this feature for your account.
By default it process incoming emails on this email.

Forward your mail from support@ourowndomain.com to support@thehockeyfactory.userecho.com

Here you can setup your from address

Also check SPF settings, you must add it to ensure email delivery.

All new emails will be auto converted to tickets and you can answer on it here.
can you please activate this feature for our account too ? 
Thx :D
We have activate email ticketing feature for your account, 
check that you added SPF record to your DNS to ensure email delivery.

Now all emails to support@nominari.userecho.com will be auto converted to tickets in the your helpdesk forum.

To use your custom support email just forward it to support@nominari.userecho.com

This is a fantastic feature and thanks for providing us with this functionality, it is working flawlessly for us.  I have a couple of quick questions:

1. Is it possible to include a link to the ticket in the email that is sent back to the user?
2. When a new user sends an email I assume an account is setup for them on UserEcho.  What is the password that is assigned to this user? Is there a way we can let them know what their credentials are, or whether they should setup credentials in order to use the full feedback site.  My goal here is to try to encourage them to start visiting the feedback site rather than communicate via email.

Thanks again!
Thanks, we constantly improving quality of parsing incoming emails at this moment and soon this feature will be available to all our customers.

1. We will improve first letter by adding link to created ticket and maybe additional info how to access user ticket directly.

2. At this moment if we see that user with Mail from: email not exists in the UE we auto create it, and user able to access his account via password reset, may be setting temporary password and emailing it to the user will be better.

We considering about optimal solution and implement it soon.
Thanks again Sergey, the email feature is really working well for us!  I think a temporary password would be a great solution!
Completed and available to all users now.
Find out more details by the link below.


Is there a way to use my custom domain alias instead of the .userecho.com for the incoming email to ticket email address?

Instead of whatever@myaccount.userecho.com is there a way to do something like whatever@support.mydomain.com ???
Yes, you can use your own domain if you will redirect emails from whatever@support.mydomain.com to whatever@myaccount.userecho.com
Also you can send notifications to users fro own email if you add SPF record to your DNS.