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I'm on the trial period for Base, and I really like it. But really, when I added up all the money, it's about $180 a year, for only two features. 

  1. Categories (No Subcategories -- why can't it just come WITHIN, categories?) 
  2. 3 Members (why not make it so that if you pay, and as long as you pay, you can add up to 6? That would make more sense? 3 for free, 3 more for base, and 3 more for the other plan? 

Now there is no other place I would like to invest money in, but I don't make in income. I start college soon, my parents would be the one paying. That's pretty expensive, considering there isn't a huge difference between Base and Free.

For example. If I was getting 6 Staff, Categories and Subcategories and I was able to add widget to home-screen, that would be nice, and worth $180 a year, $15 a month.

As a business person, what do you suggest to me? Is there another plan? Base is nice, but it minors a few features I need extensively.



Blake, we moved your account on the Custom service plan with special pricing.

Really? With that price you can probably get unlimited staff with a domain name...It might be too much...and really, I'm just about saving money :)


What host offers unlimited staff,  css domain? But I ddon't want to leave that's why I'm asking for his opinion. 

GetSatifaction, they offer 10 staff/mods and unlimited everything else under any paid plan.

I understand not wanting to leave though...

That's really cool. Wow. But I still prefer UserEcho to ANYTHING else. I LOVE how it works. It's just think about it... I'm beginning college and managing a community. I don't have money to pay that much.. I don't make any income. My father does. And to ask him, he'll just be like "Why don't they give you almost everything then, it's just a forum.." In Russian of course... he doesn't know much English, my fater. (Ukraine)/Black Sea.

I think I'll still stick with UserEcho, but please help me out here, and I know you helped me out three times already Sergey, but if you think about it, I'm only 19, so the fact that I'm willing to pay is good, but if I don't get the features I need, then why really pay? I can't worry about subcategories or how many staff I can have, that just makes it more stressful for me.

I'd  love to work at UserEcho after I graduate from C++/Java and Engineering actually, but that's because I like the company. 

Then why are you getting ripped off, just use Google Groups...

This is a rough draft, I pulled it up for free, no category or staff label limit: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/technasium

But I like UserEcho, I'm hoping I don't have to switch. :( It's really stressful for me, I don't have an income, and I can't pay so much for something I get the $256 plan for free on Google..

Sergey, I'm only asking from honesty, I really need some help here. Why would I pay? How? All these feature, like unlimited staff is something I really need. Also categories, I need, no subcategory.I don't even need Subcategories although would be nice but how can I afford? Google offers your plan $256 for absolutely $0.

Keep in mind, I'm not like other communities here. I use this as a FORUM, that means twice as many users, and it'll keep growing, I don't use this as customer feedback like everyone else, so I need some leeway, especially I have no income, and won't be able to pay. Especially when offered free via Google. I strongly love UserEcho just don't know what to do.

@Bobby, no. I'm never switching. I'm going to ask, since I can't afford it if I can just keep categories and one more staff, but even if not, I'll go to free plan. I'm loyal to UserEcho, it's amazing. I'll never leave. I actually recommended it to my school... they loved UserEcho.

Never mind,  it's okay. They won't be able to pay. I use as forum and categories and staff with no limit is important to me, but only my dad works and it's hard for him.  Thanks though 


Blake, we moved your account on the Custom service plan with special pricing.

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