Images are Saved across questions?

Whats the logic behind "Saving" images and ability to post same images across multiple topics?

For me, when I upload the images, it's only for that particular question... I don't see myself reposting the same image for a different question... does these images get saved to my profile page or something? :)

(Also, cool people can upload images? Is there a size limit to it? Would it get to a point where the User or Admin have to start deleting images before it adding new ones?)  
Sergey Stukov
Answer Answered
1) Some admins creates image rich content with repetitive images in different topics.

2) Max images size at this moment is 512k.

3) You can clear uploaded images, using button at the top right corner of each image.

But it's still stored on our servers, just hidden at the image list.

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