When someone adds a comment - it just says "updated X time ago" - it should show:

1. Who created the topic.

2. The last person who edited the topic and when.

3. How many comments the topic has.

This is important - because if someone important (for example the developer of an application) posts a comment in a topic - I want to open it and read it - but currently there is no way on the main screen to know who added a comment to a topic. Please look at examples of forums like phpBB which have developed a tried and tested view that users like to interact with. It should show who the last activity was from.

Sergey Stukov
Answer Under review

At this moment we have information for 

1 and 3 a topic list.

2. All who subscribed on the forum updates including admin, receive notification about updates via email, it includes who was make comment etc.

Anyway we consider about adding info about who was make comment at the topic presentation.

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