One word ignored in translation?

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One very strange thing:

  • when typing in the comment WYSIWYG editor
  • if you insert a link
  • then when you hover and click on it, you see a pop-up menu displaying 3 items:
The target | Edit | Unlink

Strangely, in many languages I tested, the above word "Edit" appears correctly translated, but not in French where it remains in English.

It's all the more strange that every word "Edit" is localized into French in UserEcho translation, and all that localizations of "Edit" are currently reviewed and approved.

So it's difficult to understand why it appears here untranslated especially for that language.

I hope you'll find why :-)



Very fast, thanks!

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Hello Ryann,

As you know, we use a third-party redactor. They have their own translation files. So, I've checked, they translate "Edit" to "fr" locale as "Edit".

We can change this trasnslation if you will provide us correct word.

Thank you.

A third-party editor with its own translation. OK I understand.

So they forgot to translate one word (since "Edit" is not French at all ;-))

=> this could be translated into "Modifier"

Thank you!

Perfect, thank you! Surely this update could be transmitted upstream to your third-party supplier.

By the way, another word similarly forgotten to be translated in the message editor when inserting images.

The user can select the position of the inserted image among

Left | Center | Right

But in French, only "Left" and "Right" are translated, but not "Center".

This word should be translated into "Centre" for French.