"All with opened first" is an interesting mode that that the admin assign in the setup to order a list of topics.

Nevertheless this mode is not proposed to the users from the selector, giving two drawbacks:
- they can't directly revert to "All with opened first" if they change the selector that displayed this mode before their click.
- in other circumstances, they can't use this order mode that could be interesting for them.

Would it be possible to make this (already existing) mode available for users from the selector?
I guess it should be a sub-case of "All" in the selector, as "Unmarked" and "Active"" are currently sub-types of "Opened".
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Under review
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Hello Ryann,
We did this filter for a "hidden filter mode" (widgetm dashboard, etc). So, we though users cannot change this filter. But if you use it for lists with filters enabled it make sense. Will see what other users think about it.
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