Cédric Malet

We are starting to use UserEcho to manage our community, but to engage more our community we would like valorize each members via a profile linked to their activities with our tools.

Our plan is to generate this page with our back-end, but we do not know if it's possible to switch form user echo to our new profile page.
I will use the SSO system.

Thanks for your help.



Sergey Stukov
Answer Answered
Hello Cédric,

If you have completely customised user profile page.
We see two ways of creating custom user profile page for your community.

1) It's possible to create custom fields in the UE UserProfile and then it will be auto-filled based on information provided by SSO packed.
Then we can create custom profile that will use this data based on your mockup and description.

2) We can prepare special module that will request user profile HTML source from your side via HTTP GET request and then display it instead our default Profile.

Note that it will be paid service, one fixed payment because it require development on our side. We can estimate pricing if you give us mockup and description of your custom profile.
Cédric Malet
Thanks Sergey, I just contacted you through a private message.
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