Eric Gerlach
It would be really cool if we could get vote information via the UserEcho API.  If not specific votes, then just the count of up/down votes.
Sergey Stukov
Answer Completed
It's already possible for for dedicated feedback via
feedback/[feedback_id] API call

Below example of output for this feedback

vote_count - is positive vote count
vote_negative_count - is neg...

Feel free to submit your suggestion and requirements 

[    {        "status": 5,        "admin_comment": "Our vision of UserEcho Wordpress plugin.\n\n<div>\n<ol>\n\t<li>Must contain option like <b>Show plugin for unauthorized users.</b></li>\n\t<li>Additional options to enable our graphics tab on Wordpress site.</li>\n</ol></div>",        "user_id": 1,        "description": "With SSO support",        "created": "2011-03-27 05:54:22",        "feedback_type_id": 1,        "vote_pozitive_count": 7,        "updated": "2011-10-18 22:30:44",        "id": 30463,        "header": "UserEcho plugin for Wordpress",        "comment_count": 14,        "vote_count": 9,        "status_updated": "2011-10-18 22:30:44",        "vote_negative_count": 2    }]
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