Improve links on user "Participate in" page

Ryann 5 years ago in Usability & Interface • updated by Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 5 years ago 2


When you go to page User profile > Participate in

- it displays a nice page with all the logos of the projects that you participated in (Great)

- when you hover those logos with the mouse, the cursor changes to a hand to tell it's clickable (Great)

- this cursor is a hand on the project logo, the project name and the project stats Great)

- but the link don't work in each of those 3 situations, it works ONLY on the small project name (then not when you click the logo for instance) : not Great

This is quite not very user-friendly not to be able to click the logo, and I must admit I even spent a long time before realizing that clicking the name as text would make the link ;-)

It would be perfect if the link was working in each of the situations where the mouse cursor becomes a hand, especially on the project logos.