Feedback field is Gray after user <Enters> in Info

    Under review
So when someone enters something, the field stays Gray... assuming it should turn Black like the feedback widget.

Also <Enter> key does nothing... the search is already auto-returning the result...

I'm thinking sometimes someone "Presses" <Enter> and assume that (this is what I first thought) that the issue is already submitted... but really the user has to *Use their mouse* press "Next' (confusing, maybe text should be "Submit New Feedback" or something), input the Description (there should be language here that this is *Optional, imho) to complete their submission. 

I really like the ability to leave Anonymous comment though, and the human verification is a nice touch :)
Sergey Stukov
    Answer Under review
Will change color of text in the search field.

Also seems that we need brainstorm to consider better feedback leaving workflow.
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