RE: Namecheap to UserEcho

Mike Wentworth

I have contacted Namecheap about this but they told me to tell you: "It can be done at UserEcho side since your domain is pointed to their servers"

For each forum, can you please setup subdomains? For Home forum, "Blog." For Community, "Community." For Education, "Education" subdomain before "" and so forth. Simply make the forum name the subtitle. Except home. Home is just blog. Otherwise subdomains hould be current forum title. Thank you.

Sergey Stukov
    Answer Answered
1) Only points to UserEcho IP
2) You need to create other subdomains on the your nameservers side and also point it to the UserEcho IP
3) Note that UE support following mapping, 1 (domain/subdomain) to 1 community.

So it's not possible to map different subdomains to the community's forums at this moment without additional development.

It's possible on our "Custom" service plan, when we make agreement with customer and make required functionality. It's not free and worth the money.
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