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Reply to comment via email reply

JDB 5 years ago in Usability & Interface • updated by Gabriella 3 years ago 7

When you get a comment notification via email, it would be great to be able to reply to that email and server automatically to post the comment to the thread.

It is faster for quick replies and will increase interaction.

So instead of sending notifications from noreply@userecho.com the sender can be tr47483485@userecho.com

I would find this feature quite handy ;-)

I agree, I would really like to see this feature implemented and I also believe that it would increase interaction and response rate.

Hope you can add this soon. It will be very handy when using a mobile which requires to launch the browser to reply, too heavy...

This would be really handy to have also for publishing in changelog. To just be able to send an email that will be added as a comment in our changelog would be nice. Like yours http://feedback.userecho.com/topics/6870-userecho-changelog/

Any progress on this?


Still "Under review". But we are close to implement it for support agents only.

Please note, that works for Helpdesk already.