Victor Torres

We are thinking about using User Echo as an internal Q&A forum for our company. One snag we've hit is that users are not able to place a priority in the questions they place, which is very important for the way we handle inquiries internally since we deal with a good volume of questions every day. Any advice?

Sergey Stukov
Answer Answered

You can user our "TAG" feature for this case. Create priority tags for the forum and allow users to assign it to a topics.

PS: Sometimes it's not good to allow users select priority because if it's your customer for example, it's always want to have maximum priority. So moderator between users and support team will be more suitable solution.

Feel free to contact us and we help to setup priority tags. You can do it yourself via settings.

Victor Torres

Thanks for the response Sergey.

What if you use the tag system for other purposes, would you recommend using them concurrently? Is there anyway to set up notifications based on the tag then?

Victor Torres

Is there anyway you recommend setting up a notification system based on these tags? Essentially, I want to be alerted on any high urgency questions that come in - whether by e-mail or any other format. Any ideas?

Victor Torres

Could I use the API for this use case?

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