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Martin Reisbeck 8 years ago in Multilanguage • updated by Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 8 years ago 5

 Change "Neustes" to "Nachrichten"


Do you need a german chanel? Would be a good feature!

We have main news feed in english at this moment. And translate each news in russian.

There is no person with sufficient knowledge of German to quality news to post at this moment.

We can give you access to our blog part and it will be possible to translate blog topics and it headers that appears on main page.

We plan to finish translation interface this evening.

Done, we have granted you access to http://blog.userecho.com 

You can try to translate now.

Look into your helpdesk-forum. There came in a private suggestion, yesterday. Read it and think about it. My translations are not such bad. Maybe this will open a german channel for a while...