Which features to add for polls first

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 7 years ago • updated 7 years ago 13
UserEcho has ability to create polls, we plan to extend this feature and make it more powerful. Help us decide which features must be added first.
Is there already a way to vote for more than one option or change the vote at a later time?

I would like to run a poll where people can select their preferred languages. This can't be done if people can only select one option and cannot change their selection at a later time.
We try to add this two features asap.
We done first version.

Create poll and point us to it, we set for it.

1) Vote for multiple options

2) Ability to take back vote 

Also we plan to add settings interface and admins be able to do it yourself.

Alexander, we enabled multivoting and takeback options for this poll for example.
Thanks, that was incredibly fast - it seems to work very well!

If you think it's ready, I'd like to post the poll on Twitter so people can vote for it.
Let's start our extended beta test :)
It's looking good so far!
Do we need order variants by votes count?
In my case it would destroy the alphabetical ordering, so I would prefer the way it is now.
Thanks. It seems to work well. 

My problem now is that I cannot add more poll options because I can't scroll down to the add button. I've attached a screenshot.
I'll continue on my 27" iMac which has a larger screen :)