If I were them I would be suing you. I mean it's one thing to try to fill the same need, but to rip off the user interface and site integration so blatantly, you should be ashamed.

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Sergey Stukov
Answer Declined

many similar things exists in the world, like phones,search engines e.t.c.

btw userecho has many features which not exists in other feedback management systems.

getsatisfaction.com, kampyle.com, reformal.ru, olark.com, tenderapp.com, IdeaScale.com, snapabug.com, suggestionbox.com, CrowdSound.com, useridea.com

UserEcho has features like
tagging-tags, true multilanguage, categories, advanced filtering, up-down voting and much more

for full list visit http://userecho.com/features/
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