Mike Wentworth

Can you help with Single Signon?

Users will come from: http://gymforgeeks.webs.com/

Login: http://gymforgeeks.webs.com/apps/auth/login

Logout: http://gymforgeeks.webs.com/apps/auth/logout

How would I set this up?

Sergey Stukov
Answer Answered

To establish SSO between website and UserEcho, website must provide SSO token with link to the UE. This means that you need some coding an the website side.

1) Details about generation of SSO token https://gymforgeeks.userecho.com/settings/features/sso/

2) We have examples for all popular programming languages.

Which language used on the webs.com (server side)? 

Mike Wentworth

For content slider I used JS. But mainly it's HTML/C++. I think HTML would work best if I'm not mistaken. But I'm not sure how to code Single Signon myself.

Server side: C#

Mike Wentworth

Sorry, I took a while. I figured out what you meant, I thought you meant something else. I don't support server side access

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