It looks like some standard image files necessary for the SSL version of the widget in spanish are not loaded on the Amazon AWS.

If I use the english or russian versions there is no problem, but the URL doesn't work for the spanish one (have tried for various sizes, colours, with and without icon).

Eg. this doesn't work (white 20pt Spanish widget w icon):

but this does (white 20pt English widget w icon):

as does this (white 20pt Russian widget w icon):

It looks like you are having to create and load onto AWS an image for each style configuration (icon is visible or not / size / colour) for each language you support.

I can see that this may be a pain (or indeed unsupportable across the colour spectrum) so you are probably only going to load up the ones that are most used or requested.

If this is the case, could you say what style configurations are currently supported for Spanish via SSL, or add a few including the one I mentioned above?

And perhaps people could submit their desired SSL widget style configurations to a thread somewhere - maybe even this one.

Many thanks!
Sergey Stukov
Answer Fixed
We generated images for Spanish version. 
If you need additional just provide us with the same link.

Soon we will make auto-generation process.
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