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Stan Flash
    Under review
We are evaluating UserEcho and it's looking good but one big thing is holding us back - the fact that email customization is only available on the $256/month Advanced Plan.

Having the email say it comes from UserEcho not only confuses our users but risk having them think it's spam (since they don't know what UserEcho is) and delete without reading, thereby reducing their engagement with our support site. This obviously doesn't bode well for UserEcho ultimately.

While it's certainly fair for you to make your customers pay more for this feature, putting it in the highest plan puts it beyond the reach of most startups, which I suspect make up the bulk of your customer base.  I appreciate this is a valuable branding opportunity for UserEcho and would be willing to pay for a higher plan to get it but we won't be paying for a $256/month support plan for a long time.

Perhaps you can work out a compromise. E.g. for Base and Base+ plans, let your customers customize the "from" but you always append your own message, like "[Powered by UserEcho]". So the email to the end-user will look like it comes from "Acme Support [Powered by UserEcho]". This not only avoids user confusion but strengthens your brand image that you are a trusted service provider.

Sergey Stukov
    Answer Under review
Thank, we will consider about adding such feature. Anyway to save your time give us your project alias and we enable custom email header for your project as bonus option.
Stan Flash
Thank you! This is great customer service. As a result of this, we will launch our private beta using UserEcho. I will reply with my project ID in a private message. In the meantime, here's the message in the email I received about the status change:

Status was changed to "Без статуса" for feedback "Email Customization" in project "UserEcho" by Sergey Stukov.

Notice the status was in Russian. This doesn't happen on my own userecho site so I suspect it's due to the language setting for the admin - it's not an issue for me but you might like to know.
Sergey Stukov
Thanks! Option granted, also we will try to reproduce and fix the issue with notification.
Sergey Stukov
We fixed issue with incorrect status language in notifications.
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