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Show merged topics as comments

JDB 7 years ago in Usability & Interface • updated by Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 6 years ago 5
When you merge a topic, the description of the merged should show as a comment on the surviving topic. It currently shows hidden and might be confusing to creator.
Also, does creator receive a message when it is merged?

There is no way for the merged-topic-creator to know his topic has been merged.

Also his post must be shown under the new merged topic.

Right now it seems like disappearing after merging...

And also, after merged, survival topic votes should automatically go +1 (since a merge is someone requesting for something already requested)

I just merged several comments by different users with different Replies by our feedback team, and now I can only see one of them.  If this is how it works, I don't want to merge them.  I agree that you should see them all under the one.  I will need to unmerge if this is the case.  Thank you,

What you describe is "grouping", "merge" means they are duplicated and should only exist 1 for the sake of organization and cleansing.

Not sure if the site supports grouping, but actually a forum "groups" things together.

I just merged topic B to topic A.

Topic A had 0 replies.

Topic B had 1 comment.

Survival topic was A, with the comment from B, but NOT the initial body of B.

So it is inconsistent, because B-comment is in a different context. Merging should result as:

A (as main body)

--- B body as a comment

--- B-comment as a comment