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Thanks for the excellent translations!

Have you seen this Feedback, already?

Because oft the unavailability of the Edit-Button I sugesst:

"Die Fähigkeiten" is not so good as "Die Möglichkeiten"

but maybe there is a much more better word I'm not thinking of...

I don't care if somebody gives a minus to my translation. It's not a matter of shame to be wrong. But we all want to know why you vote minus! You should write down any opinion. So everybody can imagine, why you are not satisfied with this particular translation and we are able to change it in your way...

Martin you are doing the best translations of which we can dream at the moment, we want to thank you from the team UserEcho.

It seems that sometimes people do unthought vote.

As an alternative to another mode of voting that requires an explanation to vote to eliminate frivolous actions. 

You are welcome Sergey and team. Thank you for these soothing words. But when you force the people to comment their votings, you establishing a barrier. Better, some unthought votes in between than significant less votings.I wish you will have succsess with UE. I've seen some simliar projects in the www... but In German, you are the winner, already.
Thanks for the excellent translations!