Merging votes

JDB 6 years ago in Usability & Interface • updated by Vladimir Mullagaliyev (co-founder) 2 years ago 7

When you merge 2 topics, the votes count on the resulted merge must be +1

Also, the merged topic should show as a comment in the resulted merge.

Good point.

The global count depends on which people voted on both duplicate topics (not to count two votes for the same person).
But since you can prevent double-voting, I'm sure you can prevent double-counting.
If one topic has 2 votes and another 3 votes, and they are merged, shouldn't the votes be 5?
Ok, I think I asked the wrong question...
Idea A has 2 votes, then a new Idea B with 0 votes is merged. The total should be 3, since B is also someone interested in that same idea (even having 0 votes, the post itself should count as 1).
Oh, yes, you are true: the final (merged) count must take into account the fact that the author of a topic can't vote for his own topic...
Indeed, if he created this topic, he is implicitely "for", and should be counted +1 when merged to another similar topic, where only the author of that other topic is not counted.

Note: this +1 when merging should not be counted if that forum does not prevent from voting for our own topics.

"Manual" alternative:
when the admin merges two topic, such a case could raise a dialog box and let him choose what he wants "Warning: the author of the merged topic is nit in the merged count. Should we add +1 for that user?"