Links in RTE could be broken & Can't be edited.


So I guess sometimes the links in the the RTE is broken...

Also why isn't there a way to edit the link in the RTE ? I think it can replace an H4 or H5 ... 

The bottom link goes to which is broken. :[

Attached pic:

more the reason I think should be able to turn it off ;)  (image upload is pretty cool though) 
Sergey Stukov
Answer Planned
Will update regular expression that highlight links.
I think having a  a way for users to manually edit the links would be better...  Yeah I couldn't get the link to link correctly...

I was surprised to see that the RTE doesn't have a way to easily input links... links I think is more important then H4 & H5
Sergey Stukov

Added links editing support


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