I'm a participant member in Technasium, and I suggested Ranks but Blake cannot find the feature anywhere. We work together in the same school. Is it possible to somehow assign ranks to members?

I know there would be loophole. If we had members, and we "hide them from team list" on the team list, would it still tell how many members or would it just say whatever amount of staff is actually shown on list? In that sense, we can use ranks with unlimited members.

Is there any way to categorize posts? When you go homepage of forum

Instead of recent posts

"Computers and Internet" category and recent posts below that in that category.

Below that,

"Education and Homework Help" and posts below that? Can we do drop down list instead? Show list of categories on home page only, where posts are. Then click arrow to drop down recent post below that category. How much is unlimited staff?

Mike Wentworth

A drop down menu as your navigation, but that's not possible I think. About ranks working with unlimited staff members, that should be fantastic if we got the privilege. We would just hide all but two and use it as ranks. 

Jeorge Curti$

User Ranks or unlimited staff would be awesome! :-D

If you hide members from the team list and limit to the max. staff, then it works out just like ranks! 

Also, when did UserEcho come out release date?

Sergey Stukov
Answer Planned

We have User Ranking, Categorisation in plans. So at this moment it will looks like:

1) Will be possible to create user groups.

2) Admins will be able to assign group to the user.

3) Multiple groups can be assigned to one user.

4) Groups assigned to an user, will be displayed in the user profile.

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