Jonathan Meson

I have created long ago a project called xiialive and now we have decided to create this project and start sending our customer to it. The issue is that we want the project to be under a different sign-in account. Also this project does not have the same options as the projects you can create now a days with user echo. How can we delete the project to free the url?

Here is the url which is not connected to my account why?


Sergey Stukov
Answer Answered
Hello if you can login under old account,
just go to the setup and click delete project on main settings page, alias will be freed

Don't hesitate to write here if you have some questions
We also can do this for you
Just create new project under different url and we will change it to xiialive and suspend old account
Jonathan Meson
Thanks Sergey! We have figure it out! :) Turns out that the actual email we were trying to use was already there... so we are good to go! :)
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