Can I disable visibility of Twitter and Facebook links on the right hand side for my users?

Sven C. Andrae
I would like that too. We would use UserEcho as the feedback platform of an enterprise web application and would not want our users to share on twitter and facebook so easily.
Sandeep L
Even my need also also similar. I do not want users to share the details of this site with anyone. Uninvited users are not allowed to private forum, but i still dont want users to be able to tweet or link to facebook for confidentiality purposes, esp say if i am doing closed beta tests.
Sergey Stukov
Now we understand why this feature is needed
It's included in our development roadmap
and will be ready soon
Sandeep L
Much appreciated. Thanks.
Sergey Stukov
Look at screenshoot it's helps to find out new option location in UserEcho
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Answer Completed
This feature is completed.

Admins will be able to choose in forum settings
switch feedback sharing shortcuts ON/OFF.

You can configure it in settings->forum->setup->show feedback sharing.

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