Give multiple users access to Helpdesk tickets

We, at Scrapinghub, use UserEcho Helpdesk extensively for handling support cases. One feature that we miss a lot (compared to our internal development issue tracker) is the ability to give access to multiple contacts (on client siide) to a particular issue. Something simple like a secret link that we could share with people we want to give access to that ticket would be enough.

Is this something you have (or would) consider implementing?
Sergey Stukov
    Under review
We thinking and considering about this feature, do you need read only access to additional users or all of them need to be able comment on the ticket?
Pablo Hoffman
We prefer that they have the same level of access as the client of the ticket (including commenting, providing feedback about the support, etc) but having read-only access would be a big improvement already.
Sergey Stukov
We going to implement, following solution, you will be able to invite additional users to the topic via email (like CC) also if customer send email with CC it will be added as ticker collaborators.
Admins will be able to remove unneeded CC.

So it's sound like we will have support for tickets with multiple participants.

Sergey Stukov
Sergey Stukov
    Answer Completed
We have implemented this feature, more details here
Waiting for constructive feedback.
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