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Clear Difference of Question, Mod and Users

Mike Wentworth 6 years ago • updated by Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 6 years ago 3

For example, here the question background is clearly different: https://getsatisfaction.com/gymforgeeks/topics/linux_wireless_problem

You can tell the difference between question and answer, that would be nice on UserEcho. Also, users should be able to assign questions they ask to other staff AND members, not only mods should need to assign.

Also, next to moderator name there should be a logo, something that tells "Blake" is a moderator or forum manager.

"Me too!" or "Best Answer" should be an option on UserEcho too.

On UserEcho you can barely tell who a mod is and who a manager is, and it's too white, no difference between question and answer..

Never mind. Figured out how to do "Founder" next to staff names. Thanks!

Holy hell, I just became aware of some features. UserEcho truly has so much features... Never mind. All problems solved! Thanks a lot! Only opinion is question should be different color otherwise UserEcho truly is most amazing thing I ever used!