reply button just after commenting



Immediately after commenting a topic, you get three button on your own comment:

reply / edit / delete (note that all is lowercase)

=> I don't know what is the "reply" button for... but it doesn't do anything.

Then if you refresh the page, you have instead

Translate / Reply / Edit / Delete (note the uppercase initials!)

=> and this time, the "Reply" button works to write another reply.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev

You are right. The "Reply" button write the answer to the comment.

Well, this button usually not user when you just leave a comment, because usualy you not answer to your own comment.

But we agree that it should work if you see it. We'll fix that button or hide :) The uppercase initial will be fixed too.


Vladimir Mullagaliyev
    Answer Fixed
Thank you Ryann.
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