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I just wanted to know if its possible to include search results from another website as we have many help articles on our blog and external forum which we constantly update. Would it be possible to include results from there in the search results, or would we need to import all the content into UE, or create a custom search module (based on google custom search/switype) to use instead?

Sergey Stukov
    Answer Answered
You have at least two options at this moment.

1) We provide options to add custom script/html modules & and ability to add your own custom CSS/JS to your UserEcho project. So using mentioned features, it's possible to embed google search to your community. It's a bit complicated , but possible.

Here is a google documentation, how to do this.
2) You can import content yourself via our API or we can perform import of your content at the fixed price 150 USD per source.
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