Nedim Kirlic


The municipal organization I work for is in need of one important function: we as admins need to be able to add votes manually to topics on our campaign page. This is because our users (mostly youths in the ages from 14 to 20) have the possibility to vote by sending a message from their mobile phones. We used to have a different type of voting forum (built within our organization in 2005) on which the admins could add votes manually on the admin pages.

If we as admins cannot add votes manually, then the majority of our votes will not be registered. This is very urgent for us and I hope that there is a quick fix for it.

Thanks in advance!

Nedim Kirlic

Kungsbacka, Sweden

Sergey Stukov
Answer Completed

You can adjust votes on topics.
To do this, open any topic and click on "show voters" action.

Nedim Kirlic

Oh, I missed that. But now I know, thank you so much! :)

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