No "vote" visual calling to action


To vote either on web or mobile there is no visual indicator of what to do.

Why not adding the word "vote"?

It is not intuitive at all, and the main point of this service is to gather votes.


Mike Wentworth

Hey, so what exactly were you looking for? Both have voting privilages. Also, UserVoice has been around longer. Although UserEcho has been around for a shorter it's already fantastic. Just give it time, make a post here and just get people to vote here. The more customer votes, the more the UE team will develop on the idea of what a majority of people want. They're a great team. I personally like nothing better than UserEcho to anything. There doesn't need to be an indicator. Simply put your mouse over it and arrows will popup.


Hi Blake,

I do share your opinion about UserEcho: it's a great product (and pretty young as you said) with an amazingly reactive team. I really appreciate it.

They deserved our congratulations!!!

And you are right too when you said that JDB's idea just need this open feedback and we'll see if votes are coming with time going by...

But I don't think that "There doesn't need to be an indicator."

As he developed here and in the other mentioned topic, I share his idea that a "visual" clear info how to vote would certainly make occasional visitors vote more, especially when anonymous vote is enabled: a "new" visitor, not familiar with UserEcho details, could think anonymous to be impossible and therefore useless to be tried. (I indeed regret, here as in other projects, that there are too few votes, e.g. this particular topic: against of for, but dare to vote folks!)

Then I understand that the UserEcho team set this idea as "Planned" in the other topic.

But as you said, let us give them time. Now it's on the road!

And UserEcho becomes better and better over time!

Sergey Stukov
Sergey Stukov
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Seems that current voting interface, satisfy your request.

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