Text shadow on widget should be an option

Cheehan Tee

Since a few days ago, you added a non-configurable text shadow to the widget text without warning. On widgets with dark text on light background (such as ours: #7A8FB6 on #ECF0F3), it makes the widget text look fuzzy, and ugly. 

If you want to force such a change on your users, it should at least be configurable (including disabling it) since you can't be certain that it'll look good in every situation.

Sergey Stukov

Sorry for inconvenience we add such option within 24 hours.

Cheehan Tee

Thanks, Sergey. 

We also realized that this was part of a bigger change in your script, which added an element to the top of the page. This briefly pushes our header down about 30 pixels, and causes a visible flicker when our page loads. We spent an hour trying to debug it before realizing it's was due to a UE change. 

Please be very careful about making changes to your widget because it affects your customers' websites. At the very least, please send out a notification so if something goes wrong we can quickly troubleshoot it. 

Sergey Stukov
    Answer Completed

We added such feature,

Add string below to the widget code.

# - prefix, RRGGBB and AA = Alpha FF-solid 00-completely transparent.
Or feel free to experiment and create your custom text shadow color.

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