Danny Villaroel
So I see that you guys say its only $15 a month with no hidden costs, but I was told by a friend that its apprentlly costs 100 dollars to remove the Userecho logo from the page. Is this eligable for court for false adversitement? 

I'd like to have a free account.
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Answer Answered
We offer almost all features for 15 USD. Only few additional features (2 features now) by additional price and only if you really need it. We provide affordable price ($15/mo./operator) if you agree with Powered by UserEcho logo. If you do not want to have it you should pay for White-label ($100/mo.).
One more additional option is Custom SSL ($10/mo.) for custom domain. Most of clients do not need this features.
See screenshot below.

Also you can use Free plan with limited features and 1 operator.
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