Different counts for Visits and Pageviews

laboxideale 5 years ago in Usability & Interface • updated by Vladimir Mullagaliyev (co-founder) 4 years ago 9
In the statistics overview of the agent interface, two counts seem strange: Visits and Pageviews.

  1. for both these counts, when you hover the graph line, you can read a certain value (lets say "Visits: X")
  2. but when you click on that node, it displays a table detailed by country... And the total of visits per country result (most of the time) in more than the global value X, on the node above...
The same "difference" of total is observed for pages views, but not all the other stats.


We are caching data from google for each day now. This problem should be resolved.
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We've checked it and have found that it is a bug in Google Analytics API.
If we do selection for a different intervals, data for the same day is different.
We've posted issue for them and waiting answer.
Thank you for your report.
We are caching data from google for each day now. This problem should be resolved.
Yes, I confirm that everything is OK now.
I observe a strange thing in my statistics overview curves today:
- 1 vote
- but 0 visit on the curve node
How is it possible?
BTW, I notice that the table displayed when clicking on the node "Visits: 0" displays... 7 visits!
OK, we can explain this situations:

1. 1 vote, 0 visits.
Votes depends your timezone, because they are saved it our database with full timezone information. Visits we receive from Google Analytics. Google returns all data in our project's timezone (America/Chicago). Unfortunately, we cannot separate timezone for visits for each project.

2. Please provide us your selected timezone and day when you have 0 visits. My timezone is America/Chicago and I don't see any day with 0 visits on your project. Also click on each day shows the same count of visits as on graph.
OK, I understand !
Our timezone is France/Paris. The concerned day is the last day of the graphics.
Maybe this timezone for the statistics could be field entered by the community admin?
We've checked it. We have some problem with last day on grath. Try to select custom dates and setup it up to tomorrow. You will see 7 on graph for 17th.
We will fix it soon.